5L Nurseries grows healthful vegetables for community, themselves

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By Emily Hilley-Sierzchula on July 7, 2014. 1 Comment

On a farm south of Marble Falls, a family is working hard to sustain themselves with homegrown food while keeping the community eating colorful, healthful vegetables.

5L Nurseries, located on FM East 2147, started out as a family’s backyard garden. Two weeks ago, owners Trevor Court and Sandy Cotlinsky officially started 5L Nurseries to sell produce to the public.

“Previously, everything we grew was either given away to family and friends, or eaten,” Court said.

Court’s grandparents were farmers and ranchers. He used the brand used at his grandfather’s ranch when naming the new business. “My grandfather was my inspiration,” he said.

Although they sell produce and other products at local farmers’ markets, 5L Nurseries mainly operates as a CSA (community supported agriculture) system, which allows customers to buy local, seasonal vegetables straight from the farmer who grew them. A customer buys “shares,” which is usually a box of vegetables or other farm products, from the farmer. Each week, their customers receive a box of veggies or canned pickles and eggs, for example. The veggies are normally picked the same day the customer gets them.

The CSA concept has been around for decades; yet the idea is just now catching on in the Hill Country. “It’s what our community needs,” Court said.

For the full story, see Tuesday’s Highlander.

One Response to 5L Nurseries grows healthful vegetables for community, themselves

  1. j abousamra   July 8, 2014 at 6:35 pm

    Sandy and Trevor do an incredible job. Their products are second to none,
    I hope our community supports them. We need more farmers to sustainable produce.
    Their lettuce is sweet, tender, and a beautiful color. You can taste the freshness.
    I am afraid that my family will never go back to no flavor store bought lettuce.
    Give 5L CSA a try, and become a believer.


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