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By Emily Hilley-Sierzchula on July 10, 2014. No Comments

Once a dog or cat comes through the gate of Living Love Animal Rescue’s property west of Marble Falls, it’s safe from hunger, abuse and abandonment; most of all, it will not suffer any longer. These are lucky animals, indeed.

Living Love, a no-kill animal shelter that takes care of unwanted cats and dogs in the region, will be able to expand now that it has nine acres of land.

“We do more than just care for unwanted animals; we educate, making people aware that animals suffer in the way we suffer,” said Claire Edwards, secretary of the board of directors. “We’re not your typical animal shelter; we’re more like an animal home,” she said.

Living Love takes in around 200 cats and 75 dogs a year.

“We want people to know that when they adopt an animal, it’s a lifetime companion, not something that can be discarded when it becomes inconvenient,” said Sandra Santee, executive director.

The organization used to be based out of Santee’s home in Cottonwood Shores, with two acres. “We didn’t have room to grow,” Edwards explained. “There were people living close by who might have complained about too many animals.”

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Living Love supports itself with a thrift store in Marble Falls and donations.

For the full story, see Friday’s Highlander.

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