Christ-Yoder makes funding plea



by Alexandria Randolph

The Christ-Yoder Animal Shelter may soon have to close its doors if donations continue to decline.

Founded in 1985, the shelter has taken in 38,954 animals from the Burnet and Llano county area, said charter member Lin Christ.

“We are an open admission facility. We take in all animals brought to us,” she said. “We also are a quarantine facility for both counties.”

Christ said the facility’s donations and volunteer rates have dropped significantly over the last few years.

“Right now we have exhausted our funds,” she said. “Our donations have dwindled, membership in the Humane Society has dwindled. If we don’t get people and our membership more involved, we may have to close our doors.”

Christ said the facility is committed to staying open one more year at minimum, and if necessary, dip into endowment funds that were set up at the establishment of the organization.

“If we close, then what happens to the animals out there?” she said.

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