De-annex? City says ‘No’

Alexandria Randolph/Staff
City Manager Mike Hodge answers questions and concerns of Lake Marble Falls Subdivision residents at an open meeting Tuesday, Sept. 9.

by Alexandria Randolph

Marble Falls City officials advocated moving forward with the provision of services to the Lake Marble Falls Subdivision, regardless that they have already met legal requirements.

During an open meeting Tuesday, Sept. 9, Mike Hodge, city manager, addressed residents of the community and said the decision to not de-annex had already been made.

Hodge said the staff had met with a key group of Lake Marble Falls residents who had been designated to represent the community, and had come to the decision to continue improvements rather than de-annex.

“The city is committed to making improvements at Lake Marble Falls Subdivision,” he said, “it’s just a matter of time and money... The investment the city has made is significant. We didn’t want to throw it all away.”

City officials said the work on road and drainage improvements in the community has already begun. Currently, construction crews are clearing, grubbing and widening the roads in the subdivision.

In October, they will begin installing drainage pipes.

Hodge reminded residents the city currently provides solid waste, animal control, police and fire protection and EMS services, as well as land use regulations.

According to city data, providing these services to the community has cost the city $101,989 between annexation in April 2008 and July 2014.

However, water and wastewater services are a different type of service, he said.

“That is an enterprise fund – a service we provide for a fee. It’s not automatic that you’ll get water and wastewater service,” Hodge said.

While several residents spoke up at the meeting to say the city failed to provide the services promised in the agreement, upon further examination, the agreement does not guarantee water or wastewater lines to each tract in the community.

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