Trio of teens saves unresponsive 5-year-old

By James Walker

Thanks to the quick and cool-headed actions of three undaunted Burnet teenage girls, five-year-old Jordan Johnson is alive and happily able to laugh and play with her two younger siblings.

Hannah Smith, Vanessa Escamilla and Brailey Hall were able to revive Jordan after she stopped breathing while in the family vehicle Saturday, Sept. 6, with her mother, brother and sister.

The three girls were planning to attend the much-anticipated Aaron Watson concert Saturday night in Burnet when Escamilla, who is 16, and Hall, 14, persuaded Smith, 16, to stop and gas up her vehicle beforehand at the Corner Store convenience store at the corner of US 281 and TX 29.

Smith and Escamilla are juniors at Burnet High School and Hall is a freshman.

Smith wanted to wait until after the concert to get gas but the other two girls prevailed, which turned out to be fortuitous for Jordan Johnson.

As Smith was preparing to pump her gas, another vehicle fairly careened into the parking lot, screeched to a stop and a frantic woman got out holding a child and screaming, “My baby is dead! She’s not breathing! Someone please help me!”

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