Lighthouse future dimming



The Horseshoe Bay Lighthouse, which sits on the Lake LBJ shoreline, is a ten minute walk down a two-track gravel road. The HSB POA says it needs $50,000 from the community to restore the structure.

By Emily Hilley-Sierzchula

Factions of city leadership have varied viewpoints regarding funding to keep a functioning Horseshoe Bay Lighthouse, which one organization calls an “iconic symbol of the community.”

The Friends of the Horseshoe Bay Lighthouse committee and the Horseshoe Bay Property Owner’s Association board of directors first requested help from city leadership this spring. A fundraising gala is also planned for next month.

At the most recent meeting Tuesday, Sept. 16, Dianne Jones addressed a full council in public commentary, addressing the need for help funding repairs to the lighthouse.

“The lighthouse is a symbol of Horseshoe Bay that you have featured on the city’s website,” Jones said. “It’s there for citizens to enjoy.”

She expressed her concern the city will have it torn down, and that “several council members don’t find it important.” She admonished council members to not “point their fingers at the POA,” which has managed the structure for 40 years. “Now it’s time to act,” Jones said.

Mayor Steve Jordan agreed with Jones on most of her points. “My perspective is not the same as everyone’s,” he said “It’s more than just a lighthouse. It’s one of the few historical monuments we have.”

“It’s been going downhill for some time now,” Jordan added. Answering Jones’ concern about the city tearing down the lighthouse, Jordan responded, “I hope not.”

He acknowledged the building “would be considered in poor condition from a citation standpoint” that would drive the city to demand improvement.

“There have been no letters sent or threats made by the city and I hope all parties can work together to prevent that drastic action,” Jordan said.

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