MFHS teacher and coach needs community help funding invention




By Emily Hilley-Sierzchula

Ideas for inventions often are fleeting. Many never get onto the drawing board, much less through the development stage and to market.

Lerin Lockwood, Marble Falls High School teacher and assistant tennis coach, is hoping Lion Latch, her mechanism for protecting jewelry from the hazards of life, will be one of the ideas that “make it.”

The tough plastic container attaches like a key ring, keeping jewelry safe inside.

“I know it’s a good idea because it’s something I use every day,” Lockwood said. “When I go to the weight room, I have my rings on my lanyard or in my gym bag, not on my fingers.”

However, Lockwood is on a deadline: she still needs to raise more than $8,000 in either pre-orders or donations to reach her $14,000 goal. If she does not raise the funds by Monday, Nov. 2, she will not receive the money she’s worked hard to raise so far. She had reached 40 percent of her goal by Wednesday, Oct. 21.

$14,000 would pay for the tooling and manufacture of enough Lion Latch devices to get her small business going.

It was important to have her product made in Texas, even though it will be slightly more expensive to manufacture. “I want to be able to meet with the manufacturer and check on my product,” Lockwood said.

For more, see The Highlander, Tuesday, Oct. 27. 

In the meantime, check out Lockwood's Lion Latch at her Kickstarter page, which includes a video of her product and ways to pre-order or donate:

She also has a Lion Latch Facebook page, with a link to her Kickstarter page. 

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