Hill Country folk are welcoming to new managing editor

By Lew K Cohn, Managing Editor, Highland Lakes Newspapers


It has been nearly 20 years since I lived in the Texas Hill Country, having formerly worked as a managing editor in Bandera in the late 1990s. When I left to take a similar assignment at a newspaper in Northeast Texas, I never imagined I would get the opportunity to return … until now.


I love the Hill Country. There is something majestic, something awe-inspiring about being out in what I call “God's Country.” The scenic bluffside vistas, dazzling lakes and rolling, bluebonnet-covered landscapes make me feel like I am in heaven.


But the scenery actually plays second fiddle to the wonderful, friendly people who live here in Burnet and Llano counties.


My wife Betty and I first experienced that hospitality when I came down to Marble Falls in early March to interview with Publisher Frank Shubert about succeeding the very talented Lisa Treiber-Walter. We were greeted warmly by folks at local businesses, including the Holiday Inn Express, where we enjoyed our stay.


The cordiality continued when we returned to town last week. Whether it was during our stay at the Best Western Inn in Marble Falls or eating out at Bella Sera, Peete's Country Kitchen or even SuperTaco, people were amiable and ready to please, which really made us feel welcome.


Friday morning, I was in line at Starbucks, waiting to get my morning mocha Frappuccino. When I pulled to the window, the barista informed me that the woman in line ahead of me had already paid for my drink and wished me a Happy Easter. I definitely did not expect that kindness and will be looking to pay it forward for someone else very soon.


Betty and I are looking to buy a home in Burnet County and we are so very heartened by what we have already encountered in the way of warmth and goodwill from our soon-to-be neighbors. Thank you so much for making us feel at home. We cannot wait to be here full time and be proud residents of Burnet County.


As managing editor of the Marble Falls Highlander and Burnet Bulletin, I would love to encourage anyone who wishes to come to our office here just off Highway 281 to meet me. I also will be attending various civic and government meetings within the coming weeks so I can introduce myself to folks here in the community.


If you see me out and about, please don't hesitate to introduce yourselves and let me know what you love about our newspaper and what you would like to see more of in our pages. Thank you again and have a wonderful week!

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