Market on H celebrates formal opening

The Marble Falls/Lake LBJ Chamber of Commerce hosts a ribbon cutting at a reception Wednesday, April 6, to introduce the city to the new Market on H building at 206 Avenue H in Marble Falls.


Market on H held an open house for the new luxury building at 206 Avenue H and the Marble Falls/Lake LBJ Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon cutting for guests who turned out in number for a first look at the building Wednesday evening, April 6.
Stuart and Rebecca Nunnally, Marble Falls natives and developers of the property, were there to greet the well wishers. They were joined by representatives of the City of Marble Falls, of SEAUX-Pierce Architecture, Lone Star Capital Bank and by Steve Nash and his son Ryan Nash of Nash Builders, LTD. The elder Nash said he had worked with the project from conceptualization to finish.
“We want this to be the new face of Marble Falls,” he said. “It is what we want people to see when they drive in to Marble Falls.”
Cool jazz saxophone music filled the courtyard the building shares with Double Horn Brewing Co. and guests took a gander at the new home of GG Ganache that is filling the first floor with its gifts and accessories.
Upstairs they were able to see the truth of the Market on H claim to “the finest views in Marble Falls,” as they saw the panorama provided to businesses from the perch above US 281. Already included are the Mitch Rivers' Edward Jones offices, Dale Brown Properties and Luke Nunnally’s Squeaky Wheel Marketing.
Read more about it in the Friday, April 8, edition of The Highlander.

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