Take Wildlife Hunter Safety course Saturday at Inks Lake State Park

The Texas Parks & Wildlife Hunter Safety Course will be offered at Inks Lake State Park on Saturday April 16 from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Any one born after Sept. 2, 1971, who is older than age 9 and wants to hunt alone in Texas, is required to complete the course.

Hunter Safety is not required to buy a hunting license, but it is required for an individual to hunt alone. Without the course, the young hunter must be accompanied within earshot by a person who is at least 17, who is licensed to hunt in Texas and who has passed hunter education or is exempt (born before Sept. 2, 1971).

Usually when I teach this class, I have kids between the age of 9 and 16, but I do pick up a few adults who need the course” said volunteer instructor Wade Hibler.

The course will be held at the Inks Lake State Park and the registration fee is $15, payable at the door.  To reserve a spot in this course call Inks Park at 512-793-2223. Contact Hibler by email, wadehibler@gmail.com, with additional questions.

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