LCRA,PEC award $22,256 to Marble Falls Area EMS

Marble Falls Area Emergency Medical Services has received a grant from the Lower Colorado River Authority and PEC for $22,256 to purchase new CPR equipment.

Marble Falls Area Emergency Medical Services (EMS) will be able to purchase new CPR equipment thanks to a $22,256 community development grant from the Lower Colorado River Authority and Pedernales Electric Cooperative.

Marble Falls Area EMS will acquire a LUCAS Chest Compression System and a Zoll portable ventilator, some of the most advanced equipment in the field of emergency medicine for cardiac arrest victims. When paired with defibrillators, medication and highly trained medics, the organization will be able to offer the best in CPR care, said Marble Falls Area EMS Operations Director Kevin Naumann.

These tools allow EMS staff to give their sickest patients the very best odds for survival, and accomplish that in new and exciting ways,’’ Naumann said. “With the LUCAS device providing automatic chest compressions and the ventilator helping the patient breathe, staff can turn their focus to other vital patient needs such as clearing the airway, administering medication and transporting the patient to the hospital. Having this new equipment also means that EMS staff do not have to perform CPR manually and can avoid fatigue during these critical situations.”

The LUCAS device standardizes chest compressions according to the latest scientific guidelines. Once strapped around the chest, it provides the correct depth, frequency and quality compressions to get the patient’s blood flowing again. The ventilator provides automated breathing at predetermined intervals and pressure.

These automated systems keep our safety personnel safer themselves,” Naumann said. “EMS staff can now sit and use their seatbelts while transporting the patient to the hospital, and not be kneeling or standing over a patient administering CPR while the ambulance is moving.”

Marble Falls Area EMS responds to about four CPR-related calls per month in its 350-square-mile service area, which includes southern Burnet County and the southeastern portion of Llano County. That’s nearly 40,000 residents in Marble Falls, Granite Shoals, Horseshoe Bay, Cottonwood, Spicewood, Smithwick and parts of Kingsland. Marble Falls Area EMS also provides mutual aid for EMS agencies in most of Burnet, Llano and Blanco counties.

The community grant is one of a number of grants recently awarded through LCRA's Community Development Partnership Program. The program provides economic development and community assistance grants to cities, counties, volunteer fire departments, regional development councils and other nonprofit organizations in LCRA's electric and water service areas. The program is part of LCRA's effort to give back to the communities it serves. Pedernales Electric Cooperative is one of LCRA's wholesale electric customers and a partner in the grant program.

Applications for the next round of grants are due July 31. More information is available at

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