Severe weather alert issued

Forecasts still hold out hopes for improvements for Saturday night, May 28, and the Memorial Day weekend. See more from the National Weather Service on Facebook: The-Highlander.

Gusty southerly winds are adding moisture and, while afternoon and evening thunderstorms are possible today, Wednesday, May 24, the threat is predicted to escalate and the National Weather Service (NWS) has issued severe weather alerts.

“The broad trough of low pressure over the western US is forecast to slowly shift to east Thursday through Friday, said Bob Rose, chief meteorologist for the Lower Colorado River Authority. “As the trough approaches northwestern Texas, it's expected to cause the widespread development of rain showers and thunderstorms across the Hill Country and Central Texas.”

“Two or three waves of rain and thunderstorms are forecast Thursday through Friday evening,” Rose said. “Some of the thunderstorms may be strong to severe, producing large hail and damaging winds. The probability for rain will be near 50-60 percent through the period. Rainfall forecasts call for widespread 2-day totals of around 1-2 inches. The sky will be cloudy both days with high temperatures in the mid 80s.”

If the NWS prediction holds there is hope for Saturday, May 28, graduation ceremonies in Mustang Stadium: The chance for widespread rain is forecast to diminish Friday night as trough exits to the northeast. Following the trough, a weak ridge of high pressure is forecast to set up across Texas over the weekend and continue through the middle of next week. The ridge will cause a partly cloudy, warm and humid weather pattern. Enough moisture looks to remain in place across the region to cause a few isolated rain showers or thunderstorms each afternoon and evening. However, widespread or heavy rain is not expected. Spotty totals should average around a quarter inch. High temperatures will be in the upper 80s over the weekend and in the upper 80s to 90 degrees through the first half of next week.

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