New US 281 speed limits in effect


Read and heed new speed limit signs south of the Marble Falls river bridge.
The Marble Falls Police Department (MFPD) announced Thursday, July 14, that signs approved by ordinance Oct. 6 have now been installed on US 281 and new lower speed limits will be enforced.
“The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), has completed the installation of the new signs south from the river bridge to the intersection at State Highway 71,” said the MFPD statement.
“Motorists will have a grace period to become familiar with the new lower speed limits, until 7 a.m. on Monday, Aug. 15,” said the MFPD announcement. “During the grace period, warnings will be issued for any speeding violations in the affected area.”
“Our officers will be visible and issuing warnings,” said Capt. Glenn Hanson, MFPD public information officer. “After the morning of Aug. 15, violations will carry a $200 fine like any other Class D Misdemeanor.
The ordinance (Ordinance 2015-O-09D) … maintains the 35 mile per hour (mph) limit southbound on US 281 from north of Ranch to Marked Road 1431 to south of Gateway Central, the street beyond the traffic light at Farm to Market Road 2147 and Gateway North. At that point, the speed limit increases to 45 mph as far as Mark Starke Dam Road near the Huber mine. There, a 55 mph limit will be enforced up to a mile and a half from Texas 71, where the limit increases to 65 mph.
Northbound traffic will see the 35 mph warning just after Texas Tech and just before the Gateway Central intersection with US 281.
At the time of the first reading of the ordinance in September, City Engineer Eric Belaj, PE, CFM, explained that city staff had gone to TxDOT after completion of the bridge in 2014 to discuss speed reduction.
“This portion of roadway does not have shoulders and a reduced speed limit through this corridor will help in driver safety,” he said. “Reduced speed also will help slow down vehicles between Max Starke Dam Road and the bridge.”

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