MFPD honored as 'Fearless Blue'

Lunch and good wishes are delivered to he Marble Falls Police Department (MFPD) Monday, July 18. Members of Hillside Bible Study at Marble Falls First United Methodist Church and the Ridge Readers reading circle organized “The Fearless Blue” recognition. Pictured, from left, are Carolyn Furrh, the Rev. Ellen Ely, Leah Santy, Paulette Blade, MFPD Capt. Glenn Hanson, Det. Sgt. Tom Dillard, Brook Hanson, Ofcr. Tim McIntyre, Carole White, Yvonne Kyler, Det. Sgt. Trisha Ratliff, Ofcr. Justin Boucher.

By Glynis Crawford Smith

The Highlander

No one had to order out for lunch at Marble Falls Police Department (MFPD) Headquarters Monday, July 18, thanks to a Fearless Blue recognition cooked up by members of Hillside Bible Study at Marble Falls First United Methodist Church and the Ridge Readers reading circle.

“We were driving home from Sunday school and we passed the police station and one of us said, 'We ought to do something for them,” said Yvonne Kyler in a small presentation ceremony. “Everyone wanted to be part of it.”

By noon Monday, a gift basket, bouquet of roses and a table loaded with sandwiches and goodies for lunch had been assembled for delivery to MFPD.

The group was headed back to the church for a prayer service for all the victims of violence against law enforcement and for the safety of all who serve.

First, however, Carole White, the writer in the group shared a poem entitled “Fearless Blue.” In it, she expressed the thanks the whole group had come to express: “You are all red, white and blue; May God bless and keep you safe, The Fearless Blue.”


The Fearless Blue

By Carole Pace White

The Fearless Blue

That's you

The one who runs toward harm to protect

Regardless of who

The rich, the poor

The black, the white, the brown

All are protected by you

The Fearless blue

No regard for your safety

For a job that few can or will do

It is a sometimes thankless job

For your sacrifice and courage

We celebrate

The Fearless Blue

you conquer fear and offer

Safety for even those who do not respect

The Fearless Blue

No doubt you wonder


Do I do what I do?

To serve and protect

24 seven that's what you do

Day or nightwe can count on

The Fearless Blue

You are all red, white and blue

May God Bless and Keep Safe

The Fearless Blue

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