Burnet 'Bachelorette' suitor has another prospect

Luke Pell of Burnet meets Bachelorette JoJoFletcher during the season premiere of "The Bachelorette" reality show. Rejected Monday, Pell may have other TV prospects in his future.


Burnet has been buzzing since seeing its hometown boy Luke Pell on the reality show “The Bachlorette.”
Now on season 12, Pell has been one of the competitors this year for JoJo Fletchers affection against 25 other men since airing on May 23.
#TeamLuke fans in Burnet and all over the country have been rooting Pell on, hosting ‘Bachlorette’ watch parties, and even making t-shirts with #TeamLuke, hoping for a win and a love story for the Burnet boy.
This last Monday was the hometown visits for the final four, Pell being one of them, and JoJo found herself right in the very heart of Burnet.
While Pell’s family and close friends made JoJo feel more than welcome during the Burnet hometown date, #TeamLuke was left with a cliffhanger for a "To Be Continued" after Pell pronounced his love to JoJo right before the rose ceremony.
Crying inconsolably about her decision, JoJo concluded not to give Pell a final rose, sending him home leaving Jordan, Chase and Robbie as the final three.
Chase did not last much longer than Pell being eliminated during his date in the Fantasy suit with JoJo and not making it to the final two rose ceremony.
With all hope seemingly lost that our #TeamLuke dreams had been shattered, a glimmer of possibility could be on the horizon.
Getting rid of the #TeamLuke memorabilia may not be necessary just yet, as its being rumored on multiple sites that Burnet’s hometown boy will be the next "Bachelor."
 Noting the newest site bossmirror.com states that they have the confirmed the next bachelor to be Pell.
Many #TeamLuke fans have made their proclamation of their desire for Pell to be the next addition to the ‘Bachelor’ family.
Even the host of the show Chris Harrison told Yahoo! “He was a platoon leader in the Afghan war and he also has the ridiculous Hollywood leading man good looks. He is smart, kind, and charming. He is the whole package.”
Wetpaint.com also noted that Pell was a shoo-in for the position as the next bachelor, while Reality Rose and Reality Steve on Instagram said Pell is still the top contender for ABC’s next leading man.
Sources close to Pell would not confirm nor deny the rumor of Pell being the next Bachelor, but did say he was one of the front-runners to be picked for sure.
Although we will not find out for a few more weeks, since Harrison is expected to introduce the next ‘Bachelor’ during one of the "After Paradise" live shows during the upcoming season of "Bachelor in Paradise."
#TeamLuke fans will possibly see their yearning for Pell to make his comeback and find love on the 2017 Bachelor.

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