Burnet VFW calls on vets to pull post from brink

Burnet resident Bill Piotrowski is looking for a few good men and women who have previously served their country in the armed forces.

Piotrowski is the sole remaining officer for the Burnet Veterans of Foreign Wars Highland Lakes Post 6974 on US 281 in Burnet. He said he has been given until Feb. 7 to find seven people not only willing to join Burnet VFW as new members, but to take on officer positions within the organization, or the post will be forced to close for good.

“We owe it to our community, local veterans, friends, and fellow citizens to help keep this post open,” Piotrowski said. “On Feb. 7, 2017, a vote will decide the fate of VFW Post 6974. This vote could be the final chapter of a story that is over 50 years old, but we still have a chance to right this wrong. If we can find veterans who have served their country honorably in an overseas conflict, we can change this outcome.

“The Burnet community is about to lose a very important part of its history. This piece of history is a constant reminder of why this country is free and why we honor the brave men and women that fought to make it so. It is why we have parades to show them off and speeches to remind us that freedom has a price tag.”

On Jan. 4, Piotrowski found himself as the sole remaining officer in attendance at the Burnet VFW when two other officers were relieved of their duties. A meeting is set for 7 p.m. Feb. 7, at which time Piotrowski must have additional members willing to take on the responsibility of being officers in order to continue the 54-year-old post.

“This post was formed in 1963 by men and women who symbolized our beliefs to this day,” Piotrowski said. “They signed a piece of paper and took a pledge to defend this great country. The risk of dying was just part of that pledge and, to them, a risk worth taking.

“Back from their duty overseas, they formed a local VFW post to continue their service, this time to the community with their comrades for the benefit of their local friends and neighbors. I’m sure that the original Post charter contains the names of families that go back generations in this area.”

Piotrowski's vision is for younger vets, especially those who served in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, to infuse the VFW post with new life and he has been reaching out to many local residents to try to see this happen.

Piotrowksi said the post would then become “a place they can meet their comrades for support and a place they can bring their wives and children.” While it appears there could be a chance to keep the post open, he needs more individuals to step up and help keep the post alive.

He called for anyone who is interested in retaining the post who can qualify for VFW membership and is willing to assist for a year to come to the post, located at at 1402 Buchanan Drive/US 281, at 7 p.m. Feb. 7 and bring their DD-214. For more information about the post, contact Piotrowski at 512-796-1600.

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