Bond jumper back behind bars

Mary Sewell

A San Saba woman is in the Burnet County Jail in lieu of $300,000 bond after she failed to appear in court for charges regarding injury and abandonment of her three children in Llano County and fled to Nevada. It was her second bond jump.

Mary Elizabeth Sewell, 23, originally was arrested in October 2015 and charged with abandoning and endangering a child through criminal negligence. She was released on bond, apparently fled the state.

“She took off and we had to send two deputies, a male and a female, to go pick her up from Reno, Nevada,” Llano County Sheriff Bill Blackburn said. “She bonded out when she was returned and when it appeared she was going to test hot for drugs, she went on the fly again. After we got warrants out on her, she came back and turned herself in at Lampasas.”

Sewell's bond after she had fled to Reno was set at $45,000 — $10,000 each on three charges of injury to a child with intent to cause serious bodily injury and $5,000 each on three failure to appear charges for abandoning or endangering a child through criminal negligence.

After she jumped bond a second time and did not appear at court, her surety bond has been set at $300,000 on the three counts of injury to a child, or $100,000 each. She was booked into the Burnet County Jail on Wednesday, Feb. 1.

“She is considered a definite flight risk,” Blackburn said. “All three of the children that were in the home have since been removed to Child Protective Services.”

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