First responders to train at building on site of future Panda Express

Local first responders will be taking advantage of plans by Panda Express to come to Marble Falls.

Training will be going on during the next several weeks in an abandoned building in the 2000 block of US 281 North, next to Chick-fil-A, so citizens don't need to be alarmed by an increase in first responder traffic there.

“The building is slated for demolition to make way for the new Panda Express,” said Marble Falls Fire Chief Russell Sander. “This provides area fire departments an excellent opportunity to train firefighters in a commercial building and practice some skills that normally require special facilities to complete.

“No actual fire will be used during this training.”

Sander made his comments in a press release to alert residents they would see increased Marble Falls Fire Rescue and other first responser activity around the building at various times.

The City of Marble Falls Planning Department said Panda Express permit applications are in the preliminary stages at this time, but no permits for demolition on construction have been issued.

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