Victim unidentified in four-car crash Thursday

Glynis Crawford Smith/The Highlander

Three of four vehicles involved in the fatality crash on Ranch to Market Road 1431 Thursday afternoon remain on the roadway, here, as masses of rush-hour commuters and last-minute gas buyers are turned to alternate routes. The driver of a stolen vehicle turned into oncoming traffic in an attempt to flee the scene of a smaller, rear-end accident.That driver died and someone from each car was injured.





By Glynis Crawford Smith

The Highlander

The driver of a car stolen in Dallas died in a four-car crash he caused at 4:39 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 31, on Ranch to Market Road 1431 in Marble Falls.

Clearing a four-car crash on the major east-west thoroughfare at rush hour led to 15-45-minute traffic jams on every alternate route—all exacerbated by lines of cars at fuel stops responding to rumors of a gas shortage Thursday.

“The 2017 four-door sedan was stolen in June,” said Capt. Glenn Hanson of the Marble Falls Police Department (MFPD). “He rear-ended a truck and, we assume, he didn't want to stay on the scene and did a U-turn into oncoming traffic.

“Four vehicles were involved and someone was injured in each vehicle. One seriously-injured woman was transported to Dell-Seton Hospital, I understand.”

The Marble Falls Area Emergency Medical Service (EMS) dispatched two ambulances to the scene but two of the injured did not require transport.

On Friday afternoon, the driver of the stolen car still had not been identified.

“We are working with gang and auto theft divisions of the Dallas Police Department,” said Hanson. “We believe he was associated with a gang there. His fingerprints have been submitted to the Texas Department of Safety and the Federal Bureau of Investigation databases to see if he can be identified that way.”

MFPD and fire officials did not clear the scene until 9:45 p.m. and the investigation is continuing, Hanson said.


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