Westerman retires after 17 years as MFISD trustee

Richard Zowie/The Highlander
Karl Westerman reflects on 17 years of service as a Marble Falls Independent
School District trustee. We s t e r m a n did not seek re-election.

By Richard Zowie

The Highlander

When Karl Westerman began serving on the Marble Falls Independent School District board, the year was 2001 and society was no longer alarmed about the “Y2K” bug and what problems it might cause to computers.

On May 21, Westerman called it a career as three incumbents took the oath of office to serve on the board.

Kevin Naumann, Alex Payson and Kevin Virdell took the oath to continue serving on the board.

“We have a great administration,” Westerman said.

“I served with a lot of great board members. we have an outstanding team right now. I leave this place in good hands.”

MFISD Superintendent Dr. Chris Allen thanked Westerman’s family for its sacrifice over the years.

“Thank you for sharing him with us,” Allen said. “It’s not just the board member who serves. It’s also the hours sacrificed and the certain amount of stress that you carry when helping to manage a school district this size. You can’t do this gig without people at home who love and support you.

“When people mention Karl’s name to me, the vision I have is him pulling things around in a four-wheel cart and quietly taking care of other people,” Allen said.

Trustee Gary Broshears thanked Westerman for his leadership.

“There have been a lot of things you’ve seen, and you know how to ask the hard questions,” Broshears said. “Thank you so much.”

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