Marble Falls police investigate report of mountain lion sighting



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Marble Falls police are investigating a report of a possible mountain lion sighting. Contact 9-1-1 or call (830) 693-3611.




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Marble Falls police officials are sending out an alert to residents about a possible mountain lion sighting May 8 near two churches within the city limits, according to a press release.

“[We] received an unconfirmed report of a possible mountain lion sighting in the wooded area east of 400 Avenue N,” the release stated.

A person reported to police that they spotted what they believed to be a mountain lion, also known as a puma or cougar,  in the early morning hours that day.

“Although this is an unconfirmed event, we want to notify residents in the area so that they may take proper precautions regarding children and pets,” an MFPD spokesperson stated in the release.

The agency contacted Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, which offered the following safety tips in the event a predator is lurking in the neighborhood:

• Keep children and pets inside from dusk to dawn;

• Remove food sources that may attract wildlife;

• Store all garbage securely;

• Do not feed wildlife, including deer because predators follow prey;

• Do not approach.

“These animals are often just passing through, and sightings of mountain lions have occurred in all 254 Texas counties,” the press release stated. “Their roaming areas can sometimes reach over 50 miles.”

For those who come across what they believe to be a mountain lion, “do not run or turn your back, stay calm, speak calmly, and slowly back away while maintaining eye contact with the animal.”

Contact 9-1-1 or call (830) 693-3611.

For more information from Texas Parks & Wildlife Department's go to or call (800) 792-1112.

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