State appeals lawsuit against city of Double Horn



By Connie Swinney
Staff Writer

The state of Texas has opted to continue its legal action against the city of Double Horn, alleging the municipality formed illegally, following a petition denial by a district court judge in Burnet County.

The city faced civil action from the state Office of the Attorney General (OAG), which alleged Double Horn officials did not follow the law when residents organized by petition and conducted an election in December to become a municipality.

State lawyers named the aldermen, mayor and marshal in the case and alleged the city formed to try to halt Spicewood Crushed Stone, a New York-based mining company with a planned operation on 280 acres adjacent to Double Horn, which is located in Burnet County.

On April 3, 424th Judicial District Judge Evan Stubbs denied the state's petition.

On May 3, the state filed a notice of appeal which alleged the judge dismissed the case “with prejudice.” The court document indicated a request for an “accelerated” order for review by the Third Court of Appeals. . . .

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