Burnet County hits mark with taxes



By Lew K. Cohn
Managing Editor

Burnet County taxpayers have been good about paying their taxes during the past two decades, as just $738,045 remains uncollected since 1999, a tax attorney told commissioners last month.

When you consider the tax levy for the county is about $20 million per year and this is a period of 20 years, that is outstanding,” said Noe Reyes with McCreary Veselka Bragg & Allen (MVBA), the firm contracted to collect delinquent taxes for Burnet County.

That is a very small percentage and it is perhaps the lowest we have seen for any county in 12 years. Of that amount, $338,000 is in tax deferrals, so we cannot take any action due to that. When an individual is over 65, is disabled or unable to pay their taxes, they can request a deferral which stops all collection on taxes until the owner passes away. A lien is placed on the property which must be settled before the property can transfer hands.”

Reyes said an average of 77.8 percent of county property owners pay their taxes on time by Jan. 31. The tax assessor's office continues to collect delinquent taxes on their own until July 1, when collections are turned over to MVBA.

Since July 1, 2016, MVBA has sent out more than 34,000 delinquent tax notices and filed 366 delinquent tax suits. They have recovered 208 judgements while posting 310 properties for sale, Reyes said. . . .

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