Marble Falls ISD plans logo short-term 'fix'

The Marble Falls school district is planning a temporary “fix” to the trim color - which apparently displays an orange hue instead of the district gold - that will not limit access to the field during the season.




By Nathan Hendrix
Sports Editor

Marble Falls Independent School District Superintendent Chris Allen acknowledged the logo outline at Mustang Stadium is not what the district expected and hinted at a temporary “fix” in a social media statement on July 26.

Allen said in the statement that the color matches the swatch the district selected for the color, but when the color is surrounded by purple and green, it “takes on what some perceive to be a distinctive orange hue.”

At this point in the offseason, any permanent fix would take approximately six weeks and interfere with the 2019 football season. The district will wait until the conclusion of the football season to “reassess the entire matter.”

Football practice begins this week; photo day is scheduled for Aug. 15; and the Mustangs' first scrimmage game is on Aug. 16.

The district is planning a temporary “fix” to the trim color that will not limit access to the field during the season, although no details were provided about the proposed “fix.” Allen told The Highlander in an email statement he will be communicating the details through the district's communication channels.

I tell our employees that when a problem surfaces, I simply expect them to 'own' the issue, accept responsibility, do their best to fix it, and formulate a strategy to avoid repeating the action,” Allen stated. “In this communication I have tried to 'practice what I preach.'”

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