DA earns Texas Parks and Wildlife award for case diligence



Texas Parks and Wildlife has named 33rd/424th Judicial Districts District Attorney Wiley “Sonny” McAfee the 2019 Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Prosecutor of the Year. He received the honor for his work prosecuting natural and cultural resource violations and environmental crimes in the state. Pictured, from left, are: TP&W Commissioner Reed Morian, McAfee, his wife Jill McAfee, TP&W Colonel Grahame Jones and TP&W Executive Director Carter Smith.






From staff reports

A local prosecutor has received a top award for his work in high-profile investigations involving Texas Parks and Wildlife.

The state entity recognized District Attorney Wiley “Sonny” McAfee by naming him winner of the 2019 TPWD Prosecutor of the Year Award, “for his work prosecuting natural and cultural resource violations and environmental crimes in the state.”

McAfee is the district attorney for the 33rd/424th Judicial District which encompass Blanco, Burnet, Llano and San Saba Counties.

“McAfee has been instrumental in the prosecution of a variety of high-profile cases involving both the Texas game wardens and the Texas State Park police officers,” according to a press statement.

McAfee and his staff were instrumental in the 2015 conviction of an intoxicated boater who crashed into a patrol boat, seriously injuring a Marble Falls police captain and the 2016 prosecution of individuals responsible for vandalizing the formations at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area.

A recent case involves his work on a case from 2002 involving a hit-and-run boat accident on Lake Buchanan.

“McAfee worked alongside game wardens, the victims and their families, and witnesses in the 17-year-old case and defeated a motion to grant early release from the conviction secured by the previous district attorney,” the statement read.

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