Marble Falls Mustangs witness potential of slot-T offense

Nathan Hendrix/The Highlander
Marble Falls Mustangs Gabriel Perez (63) and Kaleb Alexander (33) took a breather between plays during the scrimmage Aug. 23 against Liberty Hill.




By Nathan Hendrix
Sports Editor

Friday's scrimmage in Liberty Hill was a learning experience for the Mustangs football team; the players saw first-hand what a well-oiled Slot-T machine looks like.

“[Liberty Hill has] been doing this for 19 years; we've been doing it for 18 days,” Mustangs Head Coach Brian Herman said. “We have a long way to go, but they helped show us what we needed to see.”

The Mustangs looked like an improved team compared to their previous scrimmage game a week earlier in Lampasas. False start penalties were much less frequent, and the running game found holes against a defense that knew exactly what they were going to run.

“That was a big deal to me to compete with a team like that and not be embarrassed; we were able to execute some,” Herman said. “I would have loved to have more yards and scores, but I don't think we embarrassed ourselves.”

The Xs and Os will take some time to iron out; the Mustangs have only been working with the new scheme for a month. Herman said the difference this season will be the physicality and spirit the Mustangs play with. . . .

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