FBCS teacher inspires faith with prayer journals



Nathan Hendrix/The Highlander
FBCS teacher Kasey Smith distributed copies of her prayer journal, The 30 Day Gift, to students to pray for wisdom and courage for political and military leaders in Washington D.C. The school will send the completed journals to the White House on Dec. 18.





By Nathan Hendrix
Staff Writer

What started as a routine lesson about the power of prayer has morphed into a school-wide project aimed at sending prayers to political and military leaders in our nation's capital.

Kasey Smith, a fifth-through-eighth-grade teacher at First Baptist Christian School, started her instruction on prayer using the Biblical story of Daniel and the lion's den as inspiration.

In the account, Daniel was forbidden from prayer by a political leader, but he refused to cease praying. Daniel was imprisoned for his defiance and sentenced to death. Because of his faith and devotion to God, Daniel's prayers kept him alive in the lion's den. …

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