From Exodus 10-12

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At midnight the Lord passed over the land and the firstborn son of Pharaoh and every Egyptian family was found dead. The first born of every animal was slain too. There was weeping and wailing in every house except those houses with blood on the doorposts. That night, Pharaoh summoned Moses and Aaron and said, ‘Up. Leave my people and go and worship the Lord God. Take your families and animals with you. Please bless me.’ God’s people packed their belongings. The Egyptians, afraid that they might all die, gave them gifts of silver and gold. ‘Hurry and leave,’ they urged. God’s people rushed off so quickly they did not have time to add yeast to the dough they had made for bread. They had been slaves for 430 years and now they were free. Just as God had promised. Contributed by Sweet Publishing/