Marble Falls ISD stocking up on COVID-19 prevention supplies

Marble Falls Independent School District officials took steps to improve safety and remote learning capabilities with bulk purchases of personal protective equipment (PPE) and technology. The board of trustees approved a total of approximately $465,000 for the additional supplies at the July 31 special meeting to address COVID-19 needs of staff and students before the start of school on Aug.

Seton ER doc urges patients to seek care when necessary

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, 48 percent of Americans claim they or someone in their household has delayed or skipped medical care, according to a poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation. In addition, 11 percent of those individuals who delayed or skipped medical care reported that their condition worsened as a result of delayed medical attention.

Businessmen replenish COVID-19 assistance fund

For Raymond Whitman, navigating the COVID-19 crisis revealed to him a larger struggle among his clients, friends and neighbors. “I never had to close my doors. What if I had? Who’s going to make my house payment?” he said. As the owner of Whitman Insurance, 1008 Ave J in Marble Falls, he felt compelled to contribute to the Blue Collar Benevolence Fund, which helps applicants pay bills and buy groceries.