33rd District Judge


Judge 'hung' in Burnet County Courthouse

Alexandria Randolph/Highland Lakes Newspapers

In the presence of a score of friends and legal colleagues, former district judge Gil Jones unveiled his portrait, which was placed in the hallway of the Burnet County Courthouse Annex on Texas Highway 29.

by Alexandria Randolph

Highland Lakes Newspapers


Another district judge was 'hung' in the courthouse hall this week before a score of onlookers.

The portrait of former district judge Guilford Jones was hung in the hall at the Burnet Courthouse Annex on Wednesday following a ceremony honoring the local figure.

Guilford, or 'Gil' Jones, as many refer to him, practiced law for 60 years, including service as a lawyer, 16 years as District Judge for the 33rd District Court, and most recently a legal mediator and arbitrator. He retired from the position as district judge in December 2012.

“When he made his ruling, he made his ruling on the law,” said presiding 33rd District Judge Allan Garrett of Jones. “You knew you'd get a fair shake every time.”

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