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Librarians + children = lifetime readers

Glynis Crawford Smith/The Highlander

On hand to greet all the visitors to the 20th Anniversary of the Marble Falls Library on 101 Main Street are full-time staff members, from left, Karen Davis, assistant director; Mary Seaman, Brittany Cavness, Misty Smith and Amanda Rose, director. See a schedule of events at the end of this story.





By Glynis Crawford Smith

The Highlander

The very first day of events for the 20th Anniversary of the Marble Falls Library on Main Street, Monday, Oct. 2, will be Children's Day, but then, every day is children's day in a library.

In fact, when former librarians are honored on with an invitation-only luncheon on Tuesday, Oct. 3, school librarians are included in the kudos and at least one among them learned to love books under their care.

“I didn't know I would grow up to be a librarian, I just loved to go to the library,” said Amanda Rose, current director of the Marble Falls Library. My best friend and I would get dropped off there and we loved spending hours reading.”

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