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Abducted children found; mother faces charges


Tekecha Milena Quinonce



By Lew K. Cohn

Managing Editor

The Highlander

A biological, non-custodial mother who abducted her children from Bertram Elementary School faces felony charges in Burnet County after her May 22 arrest.


Bertram man killed in accident Saturday

By Glynis Crawford Smith

Burnet Bulletin

Funeral services will be held today, Thursday, Feb. 15 for a young Burnet man killed in a freak accident at his home.

Justin Battles, 26, a graduate of Burnet High School, died at his home Saturday night, Feb. 10, in an accident that left him pinned between his truck and a wall of home in Bertram.

“He had a little fire pit and he liked to cook out there,” said Bertram police chief J.J. Wilson. “He had music playing in his truck and the theory is that he must have reached in to turn the music off and knocked the standard shift into gear.

“He only had a second to respond to try to get it back out of gear when it began to move forward in first gear and pinned him against the house.”


Bertram PD welcomes new K-9 to the ranks

Marcie Masterson/Bertram Enterprise - The Highlander

R.I.P. Ofcr. Bock. The Bertram Police Department’s K-9 died last month, due to cancer. 'Bock served Bertram until his last day of life,' said Bertram PD Chief JJ Wilson. “He was faithful ‘til the end.'




By Glynis Crawford Smith

The Highlander

Bock, the loyal K-9 of the Bertram Police Department (BPD) was laid to rest in November and the department is falling into step with his successor, Max.

“Bock had cancer,” said BPD Chief James “JJ” Wilson. “He was losing weight. We had been to the vet and dried different diets but he wasn't getting better.”

It was veterinarian Dan McBride in Burnet who made the final diagnosis.

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