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Lady in Lake: New clues forge trail in Llano County homicide cold case

Contributed/Llano County Sheriff's Office
LCSO investigators are searching for tips, including the last owner of a distinctive dog house bought at a Buchanan Dam yard sale, which could lead to the capture of a suspect in the death of a woman found cemented into a boat submerged in the water up from Inks Dam. A photo on the Justice for Holly Simmons social media page captured an image during the 2009 investigation of a body, later identified as Simmons, found cemented into the hull of a boat in the water near Inks Dam.





By Connie Swinney

Staff Writer

The Highlander

A new perspective and new leads prompted the Llano County Sheriff Office Nov. 27 to take another look at a homicide cold case involving the discovery of a woman's body submerged and cemented into the hull of a boat just up from Inks Dam nearly a decade ago.


LCRA opens Buchanan Dam flood gates

Contributed/Cory Evans, Inks Lake State Park
The Inks Lake State Park Store is quickly surrounded by water after eight flood gates at Buchanan Dam are opened Tuesday, Oct. 16 and Wednesday, Oct. 17. Waters quickly filled Inks Lake over its normal level after the opening of the gates, prompting the closure of the park and its entry road, Park Road 4 for the time being.





By Savanna Gregg

Staff Writer

The Highlander

After buckets of rain filled the Colorado and Llano Rivers on Tuesday, Oct. 16, the Lower Colorado River Authority made the decision to open eight flood gates at Buchanan Dam to release much of the floodwaters.

This in turn created a hazard for residents living along Lakes Buchanan, Inks, Wirtz, Starcke, Mansfield, and Tom Miller as waters began to rush through the Highland Lakes on Tuesday evening.

To ensure the safety of its campers and visitors, officials at Inks Lake State Park decided to close their trails on Tuesday, Oct. 16 when the first four gates were opened.

Upon the next four gates being opened on Wednesday, Oct. 17, park officials made the decision to close the park entirely, moving 34 campers out and discouraging other visitors as waters continued to rise.


Tubing takes tragic turn at Lake Buchanan as man dies

Juan Antonio Bolaños


By Richard Zowie

The Highlander

A weekend on the water turned into a tragedy as a man died in the early morning of July 23 after being pulled from the water at Buchanan Dam the day before.

According to Steve Lightfoot of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Juan Antonio Bolaños, a 28-year-old Mexican national, was on a float tube at the dam Saturday evening when he fell off at some point and was unable to swim.

Friends on shore say it was about 15 minutes before they realized he wasn’t there. They then went out and brought him to shore.

Lightfoot said medical personnel responding were able to detect a pulse from Bolaños, who was then transported by helicopter to a hospital.

The Mexican national was pronounced dead early Sunday morning.

Lightfoot said at this time, no further details of Bolaños’ death are known. He added that there is currently no indication of foul play.


LCRA flood operations to continue

Although local skies should remain mostly sunny, waterfront residents and travelers need to remain on alert along the Highland Lakes.

A ridge of high pressure, strengthening across Texas will create sunny skies and temperatures in the 80s, here, mostly through Saturday, according to Bob Rose, Lower Colorado River Authority chief meteorologist. However, the National Weather Service issued a Sever Weather Alert for Tuesday, April 26, that could have renewed showers extending to the upstream territory of the Colorado River.

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