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City of Marble Falls asks for bids in $3 million parks upgrades launch

City of Marble Falls Map Illustration
Marble Falls city officials have asked for bids on a portion of the first phase of a parks improvement plan. Areas targeted for upgrades and improvement include the Lake Marble Falls Lakeshore Drive boat ramp (Hays Addition boat ramp), Lakeside Park infrastructure and amenities re-locations and upgrades as well as restroom facilities in Johnson Park.






Connie Swinney
Staff Writer

In the aftermath of the October flood event, Marble Falls city officials are “moving forward as originally planned” with accepting bids on the $3 million phase 1A component of a multi-faceted parks improvement plan, ranging from a shoreline retaining wall to mitigate flood damage to new amenities such as a planned man-made beach in Lakeside Park.

City officials hosted a mandatory pre-bid conference Nov. 14 at Lakeside Pavilion to share information with engineers, members of the construction industry and infrastructure representatives who could become involved in projects.

“The city is following our original plan for moving forward with several of our Capital Improvement projects this year,” City Manager Mike Hodge said in a statement.

City staff believes the existing plan coincides with needed fixes and future flooding considerations.

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