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Law enforcement mourns Burnet PD K-9 handler's death

Connie Swinney/The Highlander
Burnet Police Officer Jose Meza, who served as the K9 handler for the agency, died Dec. 20 of a heart attack, according to the preliminary autopsy report. He was just 30 years old with a wife and toddler child. Hundreds of members of law enforcement from local agencies as well as across the state attended Meza's services at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Marble Falls. Agencies conducted a funeral escort to Post Mountain Cemetery with full law enforcement honors near Burnet.







By Connie Swinney
Staff Writer

Hundreds of peace officers and emergency personnel from around the state descended on Marble Falls two days before Christmas to honor a Burnet PD K9 handler who died after suffering an apparent heart attack, just a week short of his year anniversary with the agency.

A funeral mass for Burnet PD K9 Officer Jose Humberto Meza was conducted at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church Dec. 23, followed by a procession to Post Mountain Cemetery where graveside services were conducted with full law enforcement honors. …


Burnet County crimes involve arson case, stolen vehicles and fraud arrests

Latest Burnet County crimes involve fraud, stolen vehicles, arson

One of the latest Burnet crime cases involved officers seizing items including printers, credit cards, ID’s, altered vehicle titles, gift cards, ledgers full of victim information and card numbers, social security cards, passports, checks, deposit slips with account numbers – not belonging to the suspects. About $1,500 in counterfeit US currency was also seized.







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In a recent crime spate, Burnet County authorities are on the trail of an heirloom thief, a burglary and arson suspect and in unrelated cases have captured two fraud suspects and an alleged vehicle theif involved in a crime ring.


Authorities ID man shot by Burnet police officer

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Authorities have impounded the Mercedes involved in the shooting March 27, where a 25-year-old Bertram man behind the wheel was killed by a Burnet police officer.




UPDATE: Burnet Police Department has identified the officer involved in the shooting as Patrol Sergeant Russell Butler. Butler was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. He has been with the police department for three years and was just recently promoted to patrol sergeant, according to a Burnet PD statement released on March 29.


By Connie Swinney
Staff Writer


Police respond, arrest Burnet man in brutal sexual assault

Burnet police arrested a local man Tuesday for sexually assaulting a woman at her apartment while her two small children were inside the home.

Danny Cude, 55, was arrested for aggravated sexual assault and aggravated kidnapping. According to Burnet Police Chief Paul Nelson, he allegedly made entry into an apartment in the 800 block of Dixie, where the female victim was alone with her kids.

Cude allegedly sexually assaulted the woman multiple times while putting a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her and her children.


Burnet County rallies around law enforcement

Food and cards of good wishes cover a desk in the Marble Falls Police Department after citizens and businesses responded with support to the July 7 shooting of 11 police officers in Dallas.

In response to the July 7 shooting that took five Dallas police lives last week, Burnet County residents rallied around the local law enforcement teams to show their support for the men and women in uniform.
Burnet city police got a special surprise on Friday, July 8, when four-year-old Leilani Cullen brought $5 gift cards from MOJO’s Coffee for each officer as well as Wells Fargo Bank delivering breakfast for the team.
“The City of Burnet has always shown their support for our police department, it doesn’t take a shooting to know that they always back us,” said Burnet Chief of Police Paul Nelson.
“But when something like this occurs and these people take their time out to show us how much they support us, makes it an honor to serve this community and we greatly appreciate it,”
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