Cannes Film Festival


Cameras roll at Fort Croghan


After a career as a child actor, Chase Parker grew up in Houston and is now carving out a career as a writer and director. He shot most of his newest film, “American Fishtrap,” in Burnet, this past week. 


By Richard Zowie

The Highlander

Perhaps it’s not so unusual at Fort Croghan to see people dressed in mid-19th century attire, even in the sweltering Texas summer heat.

It might be unusual, though, to see people in such anachronistic attire while standing next to modern-day cameras, boom mikes, lights and other filmmaking equipment.

Led by actor and filmmaker Chase Parker, a crew of actors, actresses and those who work behind the camera spent the second week in July in Burnet to film scenes for an upcoming western film, “American Fishtrap.”

Parker said the film takes place the day after the Civil War ends, when two brothers-in-law return home to learn that their wife and sister-in-law has been kidnapped.

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