Capt. Dan Bursch


Former astronaut tells kids, 'reach for the stars'

Lew K. Cohn/The Highlander

Magnolia and Zellam Payson try on austronaut helmets at the annual Hill Country Space Expo at the Marble Falls Boys & Girls Club Saturday, Sept. 30. The two five-year-olds attended with their mother Kathy Payson to meet former NASA austronaut Capt. Dan Bursch and learn about a path to the stars.

By Lew K. Cohn

Managing Editor

The Highlander

Former NASA astronaut Capt. Dan Bursch knows how important science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education is for the next generation and is glad to see events like the Hill Country Space Expo bringing exhibits and artifacts to kids.

“I think the most important thing for kids right now is getting them interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics,” Bursch said. “Events like these are dealing with real people, real hardware and real stories.

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