Central Texas Groundwater Conservation District


Groundwater district declares stage two drought

The Central Texas Groundwater Conservation District, responsible for monitoring wells in the unincorporated areas of Burnet County, has asked rural residents to reduce their consumption by 10 percent due to drought-like conditions.





By Lew K. Cohn/Managing Editor
The Highlander •

Burnet County citizens are being asked to reduce their overall water usage to help conserve water as the Central Texas Groundwater Conservation District has initiated Stage 2 of its Drought Management Plan.


BOPATE event another success

By Glynis Crawford Smith

The Highlander

Citizens from all over Burnet County participated in BOPATE Waste Collection Day on Saturday, Oct. 14, at the county fairgrounds in Burnet.

BOPATE (batteries, oil, paint, antifreeze, tires and electronics) are items not accepted by most community clean up days, but which are considered a threat to the environment, especially county groundwater.

“Overall a great success,” said County Commissioner Joe Don Dockery on Monday. “We have learned from past collection events and were able to greatly reduce the wait times for citizens. We served 188 vehicles, equating to 199 households from all over the county, since some citizens bring items for more than one household.”


HB 3677 would dissolve Burnet County's groundwater district

Visit the Central Texas Groundwater Conservation District website, www.centraltexasgcd.org, to see aquifer maps, rainfall records and more details about the district and water conservation.



By Lew K. Cohn

Managing Editor

Burnet Bulletin

Burnet County commissioners on Tuesday, March 14, discussed a bill pending before the Texas House of Representatives, House Bill 3677, which would eliminate the Central Texas Groundwater Conservation District in Burnet and force the county to consolidate with four other counties into a single Heart of Texas Aquifer District.

Charles Shell, general manager of the Central Texas Groundwater Conservation District (CTGCD), told commissioners the bill just filed Friday by state Rep. Jason Isaac is “alarming” as it would dissolve the organization, which was created by the citizens of Burnet County to manage and oversee groundwater within the county.

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