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Llano River flood water surge in Kingsland, LCRA opens flood gates in the Highland Lakes

Connie Swinney/The Highlander
Kingsland residents Ben Salazar and Dianna Hardesty checked out flooding at the Kingsland Slab Tuesday (Oct. 9) as rushing flood waters in the Llano River made their way from the Junction area through the Highland Lakes. Authorities reported no swiftwater rescues or injuries in Llano or Burnet counties.





Connie Swinney •
Staff Writer •

As the surge of the Llano River subsided, Highland Lakes residents and property owners reported minimal damage Oct. 9 and 10 to lakeside structures as well as some rising water along shorelines inching onto property.

Murky floodwaters from the Llano River from the Junction area crested in Kingsland after midnight just 24 hours earlier, eventually making its way through lakes LBJ and Marble Falls – to be captured in Lake Travis, just west of Austin.

On Oct. 10, the Lower Colorado River Authority reported floodgate operations on Wirtz and Starcke dams to pass floodwaters downstream.

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