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TCEQ: Knowledge of city's plan wouldn't change permit assessment

Lew K. Cohn/The Highlander

Dr. Yasir Cheema questions TCEQ staff about how they can assure his "air compromised" patients at Baylor Scott & White Marble Falls will not have their health impacted by a proposed rock crushing plant 1.6 miles south of the hospital.

By Lew K. Cohn

Managing Editor

The Highlander

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality officials told Marble Falls Mayor John Packer Thursday they did not know of proposed housing developments planned for south of Marble Falls when they reviewed an air quality permit application by Asphalt Inc. for a rock crushing plant, but added they would have made no difference.

“I didn't know about the new (Gregg Ranch) housing development or the (Baylor Scott & White) hospital or any of the infrastructure that was there,” said Don Nelon of the TCEQ Air Permits Division. “However, if there would have been a map which identified every existing house, every future house and all new businesses it wouldn't have mattered. If they are outside 440 yards of the rock crusher, there will not be an impact from this plant.”

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