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Howdy Roo is coming to town May 5-7


Volunteers enjoy the calm of Johnson Park in Marble Falls as they plan to fill the grounds with Howdy Roo--the 46th Annual CASI Chili Cookoff for the regional championship and 23rd Annual Lonestar BBQ State Championship Cookoff, Friday-Sunday, May 5-7. From left, they are, above, James Bauer and Mike Park, and below, Roland Pate, Melissa Pate, Doc Kinnison, Carrie Kinnison, Ruby Ross, Barbara Schuler, Vicki Campbell and Johnny Campbell.

Glynis Crawford Smith

The Highlander

Like a band of gypsies devoted entirely to chili and barbecue, Howdy Roo 2017 contestants will fill Johnson Park in Marble Falls Friday-Sunday, May 5-7.

The event marks the 46th Annual Chili Appreciation Society International (CASI) Chili Cookoff for the regional championship and the 23rd Annual Lone Star BBQ Society State Championship.

The event is a charity fundraiser with an emphasis on “fun.” Visitors can stroll among the cooks to enjoy the aroma of some of the state's best cooking or sign up to be judges in the competition.

To enter the competition yourself or to sign up early to be a judge visit the webpage: http://www.lonestarbarbecue.com/2017/02/2017-marble-falls-howdy-roo/.

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