Lower Colorado River Authority


LCRA predicts showers, reports lake inflow

An LCRA weather map issued earlier in the week shows rainfall possibilities.

Rain showers have moved through Burnet County, pouring welcome relief on the parched Highland Lakes area and a chance exists for continued small respites.
The small break in dry heat was forecast by Bob Rose, chief meteorologist for the Lower Colorado River Authority, “as the stubborn ridge of high pressure that has been across Texas since the middle of June finally shifts west, allowing clouds and moisture to spread into Texas.”
“With the ridge weakening across Texas, the atmosphere should become more unstable over the next few days,” Rose predicted Monday. “Meanwhile, a small area of low pressure in the upper atmosphere is currently situated over Louisiana with a second area of low pressure noted over the eastern Gulf of Mexico. Both of these lows are forecast to push tropical moisture into Texas over the next few days, leading to the development of scattered rain showers, thunderstorms and lower temperatures.


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