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LCRA announces water releases at Starcke Dam in March

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Water rushes through just one of the 10 floodgates on Max Starke Dam below Lake Marble Falls. LCRA announced they will be releasing water through partially opened floodgates in March while conducting maintenance.





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The Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) will begin making routine water releases at Max Starcke Dam in Marble Falls next month, the agency announced this week.


Llano River crashes into the Highland Lakes, shuttering schools, collapsing a bridge, prompting evacuations

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Rising floodwaters traveling through the Llano River Oct. 16, into the Highland Lakes has caused damage to lakeside structures, closed area school districts and prompted evacuations.




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Floodwaters to prompt gate operations at Max Starcke and Wirtz dams

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Several flood gates of Max Starcke Dam (pictured above in April 2016) are slated to be opened — along with gates at Wirtz Dam — to pass floodwaters rushing in from Junction into the Llano River through to Lake LBJ and Lake Marble Falls. While Lake Marble Falls is expected to be kept at a constant level, the pass through is expected to create fast-moving currents and residents are advised to use caution.






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The Lower Colorado River Authority was expected to open flood gates at Wirtz and Starcke Dams Tuesday, Oct. 9, and Wednesday, Oct. 10, due to a large inflow of water from flooding along the Llano River which will pass through Lake Marble Falls.

City of Marble Falls issued an alert Monday afternoon to remind residents that while Lake Marble Falls' level is expected to remian within its normal operating range as a constant-level lake, fast moving currents could carry away unsecured boats and other aquatic items. Residents were being asked to monitor weather conditions for the next several days as conditions could change.


LCRA flood operations to continue

Although local skies should remain mostly sunny, waterfront residents and travelers need to remain on alert along the Highland Lakes.

A ridge of high pressure, strengthening across Texas will create sunny skies and temperatures in the 80s, here, mostly through Saturday, according to Bob Rose, Lower Colorado River Authority chief meteorologist. However, the National Weather Service issued a Sever Weather Alert for Tuesday, April 26, that could have renewed showers extending to the upstream territory of the Colorado River.

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