Shirley King


Jones unseats King in Granite Shoals

By Lew K. Cohn

and Alexandria Randolph

The Highlander


Granite Shoals strong with civic leaders

Granite Shoals City Council members are, from left, Tom Dillard, Mark Morren, Anita Hisey, Eric Tanner, Mayor Pro Tem Shirley King, Mayor Carl Brugger and Todd Holland.

The elected officials of Granite Shoals include a council of six led by Mayor Carl Brugger and they follow a long line of unpaid citizens that have guided the city through its 50-year history.
They are Mayor Pro Tem Shirley King, Eric Tanner, Tom Dillard, Mark Morren and Anita Hisey.
Five of the citizens who have held the title of Mayor of Granite Shoals live in the city today.
They are the current mayor, Carl Brugger, elected in 2015; Dennis Maier, elected in 2011 and 2013; Frank Reilly, elected in  2005, 2007 and 2009 and Pat Crochet, elected in 1999 and appointed in 2004. Crochet did not finish that last term and  King served as mayor in the interim.
First to last, they came to serve the city first through volunteer service on committees, commissions or advisory groups.

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