Shotgun Honey


Marble Falls shoots for economic boost with filmmakers

Marble Falls city officials are working to coax more filmmakers to the city for location filming for the economic benefits to the community. Pictured here is a scene from “Shotgun Honey,” a 2016 drama shot, in part, in Marble Falls.





Connie Swinney
Staff Writer

From the 2016 drama “Shotgun Honey” to the biographical disaster flick “Jon,” Marble Falls city officials want to try to coax more filmmakers to the area for the economic benefits and to potentially cultivate a new industry to the community.

To that end, the city recently earned the designation as a Certified Film Friendly Community (CFFC) by the Texas Film Commission (TFC), a division of the Texas Office of the Governor.

To gain certification, city representatives attended a day-long workshop in 2016 to learn about the production process and best practices for working with the film industry and developed TFC-approved film policy which the city has adapted into an ordinance.

“It's general exposure to Marble Falls as a destination,” Assistant City Manager Caleb Kraenzel said. “Marble Falls is now a very browsable community that pre-production can go into.”

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