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Double Horn residents petition to dissolve city

Officials confirmed that a group of residents from the newly-formed city of Double Horn has gathered enough signatures to ask for a second incorporation election.




By Connie Swinney
Staff Writer

A group of Double Horn residents have petitioned for an election to dissolve the incorporation of the newly-formed municipality, alleging “no benefit” to the residents and lack of powers to control mining industry growth nearby.


District judge crushes state's petition against city of Double Horn

Connie Swinney/The Highlander
A district judge denied a petition filed by the State Office of the Attorney General's Office April 3 to dissolve the newly-formed city of Double Horn. Defense Attorneys Andy Messer and Patty Akers represented the municipality, referred to the state's lawsuit as "improper."





By Connie Swinney
Staff Writer

A district judge denied a petition April 3 by the Texas Office of the Attorney General to go forward with a lawsuit to dissolve the newly-formed city of Double Horn.


Quarry opponents to ask for statewide halt to mining permits; TCEQ hosting meeting Oct. 11 to gather public input

Connie Swinney/The Highlander
Grant Dean (on the left) of the Texas Environmental Protection Coalition helped rally protesters against a planned quarry operation by Spicewood Crushed Stone in September at the entryway of Double Horn subdivision in Spicewood. His group is attending a TCEQ public meeting on that air quality permit application at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 11 at Lakeside Pavilion in Marble Falls.






Connie Swinney •
Staff Writer •

Grant Dean has a message for the state of Texas and a New York-based company looking to launch a mining operation on 280 acres between two subdivisions in Spicewood in Burnet County.

“This is not just our backyard,” Dean said. “This is everybody's backyard.”

Dean, the co-founder of the Texas Environmental Protection Coalition, has rallied support from several cities in Texas with similar battles before them – rock crusher/quarry operations setting up stakes next to residential neighborhoods.

The latest proposal involves a pending air quality permit by Spicewood Crushed Stone, a company owned by Dalrymple Companies, based in New York.

If approved by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the company would operate on 280 acres, in the 5500 block of Texas 71, between Double Horn Estates (100 home lots) and the fledgling Spicewood Trails.


Anti-mining dust up sparks Spicewood protest rallies

Lew Cohn/The Highlander
A Spicewood-area group, who have joined forces with the Texas Environmental Protection Coalition, will stage day-long protest rallies on Saturday and Sunday Sept. 8 and 9 at the entryway of Double Horn Creek subdivision. Supporters of the non-profit group (Pictured here in September 2017) protested a similar operation planned just off the Texas 71/U.S. 281 intersection.






By Connie Swinney •
Staff Writer •

A group of Spicewood residents has joined forces with a regional anti-mining group to fight plans for a rock-crushing plant and quarry operation on several hundred acres between two residential subdivisions, just off Texas 71.

The Spicewood Environmental Protection Alliance Texas (SEPATX) is hosting two protest rallies – one from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 8 and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 9; both at the corner of Texas 71 and Vista View Trail at the entrance of Doublehorn Creek subdivision.

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