Texas Gov. Greg Abbott




Gov. Greg Abbott declares wildfire threat

Special to The Highlander

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has signed a proclamation certifying that exceptional drought conditions continue to pose a threat of imminent disaster in several counties including Blanco, Burnet and Llano counties due to persistent drought conditions. …


State construction law limits Marble Falls code

HB 2439, which became law in September, hastened the need for cities to align their codes to match the mandate, based strictly on national building standards, while prohibiting construction limits by municipalities based on aesthetics.

By Connie Swinney
Staff Writer

Marble Falls City Council debated Nov. 19 how to proceed with newly-passed state law which limits a municipality's ability to prohibit construction materials based on aesthetics.

Following passage by state lawmakers and Gov. Greg Abbott's signature during the 86th Texas Legislature, HB 2439 became law in September, prompting cities to scramble to align their codes to match the mandate. State lawmakers based the law on national building standards geared towards health and safety regulation.

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