World Rock Stacking Championship


LEAF rocked weekend on the Llano River

Frank Shubert/The Highlander

Last weekend thousands of people descended on Llano River to enjoy the Annual Llano Earth and Art Fest. Participants from around the world participated in the 2018 World Rock Stacking Championship. Arts, crafs and food booths and displays of rock balancing were available for viewing throughout the river bed. More images can be found in the album on The Highlander page on Facebook.

By Glynis Crawford Smith

The Highlander

Crowds estimated at more than 6,000 people flowed to the banks of the Llano River over the weekend for the fourth year of the World Rock Stacking Championship, the Llano Earth Art Fest—LEAF.

Last weekend, March 9-11, LEAF 2018 delivered arts, crafs and food booths as well as the competition and displays of rock balancing throughout the river bed and the river itself.

On Saturday, Belly dancing and the wild and wacky Fashion Circus took the music stage that saw 28 other performances over the three-day event. Downtown in Llano, attendees could re-visit their Volkswagen favorites at "Free Flow on the Llano," a juried vintage VW show.

The 32 seminars, designed to appeal to every age and interest, continued into the week, as late-comers made their way to the river to see the creations that remained on display.

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