Byron Stone


HLBWS features sparrow expert Dec. 7

Contributed/Greg Lasley

A Rufous-crowned sparrow sits on a branch. Byron Stone will talk about the whole range of 'little brown birds' tomorrow with the Highland Lakes Birding & Wildflower Society.




The Highland Lakes Birding and Wildflower Society (HLBW) will meet Thursday morning, Dec. 7, with snow birds in mind.

“Dr. Byron Stone, one of our favorite birding and field trip experts, is back,” said society member Margy Butler. “His presentations and field trips for the Highland Lakes Birding and Wildflower Society previously have dealt with the 'Big Birds', the raptors. But now we go on to another family of birds, those pesky 'Little Brown Birds', the sparrows, some of the wee small birds in our Hill Country bird lexicon.

“Doc's talk will feature the various species of sparrows who journey down to Central Texas in the winter, snow birds as it were.”

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