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Parks and Recs board member resigns amid parks planning criticism

Connie Swinney/The Highlander
Developer and Attorney Steve Hurst resigned his position with the Marble Falls Parks and Recreation Commission recently, citing his concerns about the city's direction on a planned parks improvement package which he believes does not adequately address flood mitigation or bridge and roads in the aftermath of the Oct. 16 flood event.







By Connie Swinney
Staff Writer

Marble Falls-based developer and lawyer Steve Hurst says he has witnessed a few missteps by city governments in planning and preparing for development in flood prone areas.

“I've watched this for years, representing clients in and around Austin and this area. I've lived on Lake Travis, Inks Lake, and I've had property on Lake Marble Falls,” Hurst said. “Shoal Creek and Waller Creek in Austin – the millions of dollars the city of Austin is having to spend right now in those flood plains.

“Development continued, but the cost of remediation and the damage to properties when those flood events occurred was stunning, and they're still spending money trying to address it,” he added. “We're not learning those lessons.”


Flash flooding sweeps through Backbone Creek in Marble Falls

Phil Reynolds/The Highlander

Torrential rain and thunderstorms sent runoff down Backbone Creek, resulting in flash flooding in Johnson Park in Marble Falls.




From staff reports •

Storm runoff caused a scare among some Pecan Valley and Meadowlakes residents Sept.8 and 9, as motorists were temporarily blocked from leaving their neighborhoods to avoid a flooded low-water crossing on Avenue N and a rain-swollen Backbone Creek crossing in Johnson Park in Marble Falls.

Residents reported the rise of the creek starting Saturday and subsiding throughout the day until another round of of storms swept through the area on Sunday.

“Avenue N on Saturday and Sunday was closed for some time because of water over the road,” Marble Falls Fire Rescue Chief Russell Sander said. “Johnson Park did have water over the bridge on Sunday.

Everything was temporary,” he added.

From more than 5 inches of rain in Marble Falls to nearly 4 inches in Spicewood were reported due to torrential thunderstorms and steady rain.

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